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Portrait Tips & Pricing

Lifelike Portraits from Your Photos

An original, hand drawn portrait is a great way to celebrate a cherished pet or person or remember those we have lost, and portraits can make a special gift for friends and family to treasure always.


Photography Tips:

Lighting: The best possible lighting is achieved outside in natural light.

If taking inside having your pet close to a large window is the next best option. 


Avoid direct sunlight, it can increase contrast between shadow and light, hiding
some features. A bright overcast day is perfect. Don't use a flash, as this can
cause red-eye. 


Positioning: Keep your pet on their level. Don't have them looking up at you unless this is how you wish the portrait to appear. This is important for full body shots, which look best from the side rather than above.


Take plenty of facial photos zoomed if possible, and have their face fill the frame while still in sharp focus. Try taking some three-quarter views as well as from the front.


Personality: Keep your pet as comfortable and at ease as possible. Capture the most characteristic expression & pose of your pet. A good idea is to have treats or toys at the ready. 


Please note that the quality of my portrait will be dependent on your photographs. If they are blurred or your pet is to small, I'll have less to work with and the final portrait will be guesswork. Which means it won't be as much a representation of your pet as it should be. Many choose a pet photographer but with a little prepartion and patience you should be able to achieve similar results. Good Luck!



All portraits are rendered in color pencil on high quality paper. 
Basic pricing includes one pet or person (head only without background).


  8 x 10 = $400 (This size can only be the head and one image)
11 x 14 = $500 (extra pet or person add $300 per/max 2 images for this size)

Full body portraits are an additional $100-$200 depending on size

Other sizes available just inquire about rates.


Backgrounds: An additional $100-$200 depending on size and complexity. 


Payment: Provide a half deposit to start work on portrait. Payment can be made by Cash, Venmo or Paypal.
Credit card payment add 3.5%. 


Once Pet Portrait is complete, an image will be emailed to you for your approval. Once approved, a final payment that includes packaging and shipping will be needed before shipment.


Shipping: Cost is $20 for UPS Priority, includes insurance (for safety reasons it does not include mat or frame) . 






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