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Abstract Paintings (Click Images to Enlarge and see Size & Pricing / Scroll down to see all)

light the way/36"x36"x2"/acrylic on canvas

below the surface/30"x30"x2"/acrylic on canvas

exploration of bliss/16"x40"x2"/acrylic on canvas

nesting/20"x20"x2"/acrylic on canvas

graphic rainbow/30"x40"x2"/acrylic on canvas

tunnels of tomorrow/16"x40"x2"/acrylic on canvas

elements of a golden embrace 1/30"x30"x2"/acrylic on canvas /complementary panel available

elements of a golden embrace 2/30"x30"x2"/acrylic on canvas /complementary panel available

shapes of tomorrow/24"x24"x2"/acrylic on canvas

striving for connection/24"x24"x2"/acrylic on canvas

silhouettes of us/16"x40"x2"/acrylic on canvas

rainbows from inside 2/20"x20"x2"/acrylic on canvas

the light connecting us/24"x24"x2"/acrylic on canvas/

underwater reflections/16"x20"/acrylic on canvas

color configurations/30"x40"x2"/acrylic on canvas

animal instincts/30"x40"x2"/acrylic on canvas

a dance in time /20"x20"x2"/acrylic on canvas

color envy/12"x12"x2"/acrylic on canvas

messages from afar/12"x12"x2"/acrylic on canvas

blue lagoon/12"x12"x2"/acrylic on canvas

shapes of tomorrow/12"x12"x2"/acrylic on canvas

tree of light/36"x36"x2"/acrylic on canvas

internal storm/30"x30"x2"/acrylic on canvas

under the lens/24"x24"x2"/acrylic on canvas

shapes of tomorrow/30"x40"x2"/acrylic on canvas

color splash/24"x24"x2"/acrylic on canvas

deep spaces/20"x20"x2"/acrylic on canvas

reflections of fire/24"x30"/acrylic on canvas

clouds of wonder/24"x24"x2"/acrylic on canvas

reflections/20"x20"x2"/acrylic on canvas

galaxy quest/20"x20"x2"/acrylic on canvas/SOLD

under the sea/24"x30"x2"/acrylic on canvas

cosmic dance/24"x24"x2"/acrylic on canvas

big bang/30"x30"x2"/acrylic on canvas

beginnings/24"x24"x2"/acrylic on canvas

Liquid Rainbow

liquid rainbow/30"x30"x2"/acrylic on canvas

configurations/24"x24"x2"/acrylic on canvas

eagle ebula/16"x20"x2"/acrylic on canvas

pebbles of light/12"x12"x2"/acrylic on canvas/SOLD

coming together/24"x24"x2"/acrylic on canvas/SOLD

rainbows from inside /20"x20"x2"/acrylic on canvas/SOLD

shadows from beneath/20"x20"x2"/acrylic on canvas/SOLD

firestorm/20"x20"x2"/acrylic on canvas/SOLD

celestial fireworks/sold

Crab Nebula

crab nebula/SOLD

cosmic garden/acrylic on canvas/20x20/SOLD

eruption /24"x24"x2"/acrylic on canvas/SOLD

beneath/24"x24"x2"/acrylic on canvas/SOLD

layers/24"x24"x2"/acrylic on canvas/SOLD

abstract dreams/20"x20"x2"/acrylic on canvas/SOLD

liquid lands/0"x0"x2"/acrylic on canvas/SOLD

time travel/acrylic on canvas/SOLD

breaking through/SOLD

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